Finance your medical expenses through our simple steps!

You need to estimate your medical costs through our questionnaire. Once the questionnaire has submitted. You will be contacted with our case manager for details and estimation. The case manager will also walk you through the financing procedures, if you decide to finance the whole or some portion of your medical costs.  


I need to complete my questionnaire to get my medical cost-estimation.


I have my estimation and I want to apply for my medical loan.

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Plastic Surgery, in all kinds of expression: Aesthetic, Cosmetic or Reconstructive, are still considered a privilege, reserved not just for the ones who can afford it, but for the ones who really need it and find a way to experimence a pleasure in looking the best of their self image can give.



Dr. Arturo Munoz proposes a safe, natural and long-lasting results in every Plastic Aesthetic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive procedure based on a solid surgical background of 21 years experience in the field as a surgeonre in looking the best of their self image can give.

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