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Liposculpture example

A lot of people have problems getting rid of the extra layers of flab on certain parts of their body. You've done the diet and exercise route and sure, sometimes you drop a dress size or two, but there are some fat deposits that just refuse to go away.

This is where plastic surgery procedures like liposculpture come in. A liposculpture procedure is a less invasive, but more precise form of liposcution. Instead of making big cuts over the parts of the body where the fat needs to be sucked out, a small incision is created, and a tiny suction mechanism is used so that specific fat deposits in the body can be targeted. Be warned though;

liposculpture cost can be more expensive than normal liposuction techniques, and since this kind of procedure is a lot more likely to be considered cosmetic rather than therapeutic or correctional, health plans usually don't support it.


How is Liposculpture Done?
When you get a liposculpture, you are essentially getting a high-precision kind of liposuction. Although here, instead of a large incision –as with normal liposuction- a small incision is made where the liposculpture suction device is inserted.


A lot of the time, people can get confused about liposculpture, since it's often referred to as "tumescent liposculpture," and if you're a little oblivious, like I am, you might ask, "Is that just ONE kind of liposculpture procedure? Are there any others?" If this question is bothering you, and the internet doesn't seem to be very cooperative, well, worry no more. Here's the answer: No. Tumescent liposculpture is basically just liposculpture. The tumescent technique is a cosmetic liposuction technique that made liposculpture possible. It's a part of liposculpting. Created by Dr. Jeffery Klein during the tail end of the 1980's, this particular technique involves making the fat in the specified area swell and soften considerably, using a saline-based local anesthetic. The saline solution is a double-whammy too: It softens up the fat and makes the procedure possible, and it numbs the area so that a general anesthetic usually isn't necessary anymore. Also, by softening the fat in the area, it makes that fat a lot easier to simply siphon out using less invasive tools like syringes or suction tubes called cannulae.

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